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Legal Management System

Brief Description

The Integrated legal firm information management system is Asterisk Technologies software initiative aimed for use by all legal firms and institutions in order to make their legal firm operations digital.

The software among other things facilitates the following tasks:
Managing and storing  new and existing jobs (cases)  in a secure database
 Adding of follow-up information to each job
 Management of data  and information about clients
Easy generation of custom reports based on the activity

Additionally, the software encourages collaborative work on common activities in a multi –user environment and encourages the adoption of good practices, such as a clear methodology for follow-up work, structured archiving, management of your staff and expenses related to each job.

Integration into your office’s activities

The software can be installed either on one computer (main server) and shared over a network.

 Organizations providing advice or consultations will benefit from being able to quickly consult the database for background information on a client’s case and evolution, contact information, etc.

 Lawyers/Advocates can use the software to track and evaluate the jobs and the resources spent on a particular client, as well as to track the status of a case in court or any matter not in the court

 Office managers can generate reports based on the activity for a given period. The variety of reports include: activity overview for each staff members, statistical information on jobs or clients, and general overview on how the usage of the organization’s resources. Such reports facilitate the reporting on projects and the creation of new budgets.

The system has various modules as below:

> Clients details management.

> Clients files and jobs management.

> Time sheet ( for jobs and staff management).

> Internal Requisitions.

> Document management and file archiving.

> Leave management.

> Clocking system.

> Library (Knowledge Base).